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If he hadn’t known from the ad, Daniel would never have guessed he was gay, and said so. They toured the apartment and it was great, exactly what Daniel was looking for.

But the best part of the interview was the one in which I didn’t speak (ha! Sure, if I fall in love with someone whose hell bent on having his own kid, I wouldn’t squash his dream…

) It was when Julie asked the male anchors whether It was a quick segment… but I’m truly okay with being done in the kid department too, so I could go either way.

The only potential downside was that he said he was gay. He just wasn’t sure he wanted to live with one, especially if he was really girly. He went over to meet up with Stu and he answered the door with a smile and a firm handshake. Sure, this guy might sleep with other guys, but he was as manly as they come.

He was younger than Daniel, 21 and just about done with college, but he was six feet tall, broad-shouldered, dark-haired, with a five o’clock shadow and a voice that was almost gruff. well, I was a little nervous you might...” He stammered, realizing he could easily say something offensive next. He already looked forward to watching the game and throwing back a few with Stu.

And, since not getting enough emails or not having enough men to date has never been a problem, are there any advantages to knocking my age down 5 years, since everyone thinks I look 32 anyways? I’m open to it if I saw advantages, but I guess I feel by keeping my age as much to the truth as possible, I’m weeding out ones who could be a potential problem anyways.

By the time Daniel decided to move to Philadelphia for the new job, it was long overdue.His old job was an absolute nightmare, he hated living in NYC, and it was far too expensive for him to reasonably afford anyway, even if he loved it.Sure, Philly wasn’t as conceptually glamorous, his family wasn’t as excited to come visit him, and theoretically he’d have a harder time meeting the right girl to settle down with, but honestly that hadn’t been so easy in NYC either.He sure wasn’t going to move out and there was no way he was going to bring that up in casual conversation.Daniel also started to suspect that Stu was eating his food.He’d come home or wake up to find cereal bags in places he hadn’t left them, wrappers opened that he swore he’d never opened, just little signs.


  1. The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time.

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