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Native children being chased by government officials was not merry.

(I love the post-moderns and do my students!

) --- Peter Bruni Language Arts, College of San Marco So many of my students are non-traditional, and as you know, these folks are quick to notice situations that are wasteful, unfair, or just don't make sense.

We need not depend on the constrictions of an adopted text, for we can change what we do as our ideas grow and develop.

The Mercury Reader gives me the most possible range for maintaining, revising, and expanding my courses.

And my bookstore folks are always happy to deal with your company. --- S R Fast Ohio State University, Mansfield The Mercury Reader provides freedom, efficiency, creativity, and flexibility.

As a Writing Program Administrator, I have found that the Mercury provided an opportunity for everyone teaching in our large program (over 95 sections) an opportunity to contribute ideas for reading selections and therefore to have ownership of the texts being used in the introductory and advanced courses.

I give them a Check List that has the essential LA information in it, and other facts I think they need to be aware of.

I can give them a list of good web sites to consult, and a sense of what I'm looking for in a good college essay.

Mercury Reader: Multicultural Readings Designed for freshman composition courses that focus on multicultural issues, Mercury Reader: Multicultural Readings contains over 200 readings you can customize to meet the needs of your course. · Shrink-wrap with other Pearson Education textbooks for a 10% discount on the net package price ALLOW 7-10 Business Days for your free evaluation copy to arrive Allow 4-6 weeks for Bookstore delivery.

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